Koha Virtual Appliances

Koha virtual appliances are an easy way to get up and running very quickly with the latest versions Koha. Virtual Appliances make demoing, testing and deploying Koha much easier.

The Koha Virtual Appliance is available as an OVF file that is compatible with VMware products, VirtualBox, and other virtualization software.


Each version of Koha is available in 2 flavors. Configured, and Unconfigured. The configured version has been completely set up with all the optional example data included with the installation. This is a good version to use if you would like to demo Koha. The unconfigured version has been configured up to but not including the web-based setup system. This version can be set up for a different version of MARC, can be switched between using Zebra or not, and the example data does not have to be imported. This is a good version to use if the configured version does not suit your demoing needs, and make an excellent platform for testing migration from a previous ILS.


The Koha Virtual Appliances are currently being hosted for download  at Sourceforge.

Koha Virtual Appliance Downloads

Frequently Asked Questions

Problem: I don’t know the Username/Password

Solution: The usernames are:
  • OS: root, koha
  • MySQL: root, kohaadmin
  • Koha: kohaadmin
All passwords are katikoan

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