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  1. Hi Kyle,

    I am running Koha 3.22 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. I have successfully installed the Bywater/Flipster coverflow via the Koha plugin:

    I am attempting to add the ‘autoplay’ option ( in the auto-generated JS script located in OPACUSERJS syspref of Koha.

    I’m unable to get autoplay to work. Would you have any advice on this? Can the option autoplay even be called in the Bywater coverflow?

    My JS script for the coverflow:

    /* JS for Koha CoverFlow Plugin
    This JS was added automatically by installing the CoverFlow plugin
    Please do not modify */$(document).ready(function(){$.getScript(“/plugin/Koha/Plugin/Com/ByWaterSolutions/CoverFlow/jquery-flipster/src/js/jquery.flipster.min.js”,function(data,textStatus,jqxhr){$(“head”).append(“”);$(‘#coverflow’).load(“/”,function(){$(‘.coverTest img’).on(“load”,function(){if(this.naturalHeight==1){$(this).attr(“src”,”/NoImage.jpg”);}});var opt={‘items’:’.item’,’minfactor’:15,’distribution’:1.5,’scalethreshold’:0,’staticbelowthreshold’:false,’titleclass’:’itemTitle’,’selectedclass’:’selectedItem’,’scrollactive’:true,’step’:{‘limit’:4,’width’:10,’scale’:true}};$(‘#coverflow’).flipster({autoplay: 3000});});});});
    /* End of JS for Koha CoverFlow Plugin */

    Line of code I am altering: $(‘#coverflow’).flipster({autoplay: 3000} [was $(‘#coverflow’).flipster({}]

    Happy to provide more info.

    Thanks for your help, Kyle!

    • From what you’ve written, that should have worked! I would suggest you add the option to the coverflow config instead of modifying the javascript directly like this:

      – id: 42
      selector: #coverflow
      style: coverflow
      autoplay: 3000

      Maybe that will work better.

      • Hi Kyle,

        Ah! Now I understand more clearly what the textarea in the coverflow config file is doing.

        Thanks very much! Will do.


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