Major Libki Update In The Works

I’ve been working on a compete rewrite of Libki to improve it’s performance, aesthetics, and ease of installation. The client will be written in C++/Qt4, which gives it a nice look that can also be skinned to look native to any given OS. I’m still contemplating the possibilities for the web-based administration interface. I hope to make it fully AJAX. I hope to take advantage of Web Sockets if I can. Development has been put on short term hold while we roll out our Koha update, but expect to see more on this soon!

Screenshots of the Work-In-Progress Client:

Backup and Restore Disk Images Over A Network

Here is a quick and easy way to save and restore hard disk images using dd, netcat and gzip.

To Save An Image:
On the server: nc -l 7000 | dd of=Output.img.gz
On the client: dd if=/dev/sdb | gzip -9 | nc 7000

To Restore:
On the client: nc -l -p 7000 | gzip -dc | dd of=/dev/sda
On the server: dd if=Output.img.gz | nc 7000

I just boot the client using an Ubuntu live-cd, all the neccessary tools are already installed. I store my images gzipped to save space, I just copied a 40 GB disk and the image file compressed down to 4.4 GB!