My Koha 3 Repo at Github

Hey All,

I’ve decided to avoid the messy business of setting up my own Koha git repository ( at least for now ). Instead, I’ve set up a Github account here.  I’ve configured github to update my twitter account ( kylemhall ) each time I make a push, so if you want to track my changes you can watch that. I may even set up automatic posting to this blog. I will be continuously rebasing from and pushing those updates so it will be up to date with the latest changes from the official git repository.


Know your sources…

Here’s a interesting article comparing and contasting the Koha, Evergree and Rome ILS systems. I stumbled upon it because it happens to link to my Koha VMWare Appliance page. Linky.

Koha 3 Development Updates

It’s been awhile since I posted last so I thought I’d let everyone know what I’m doing development-wise involving Koha 3

We are about 5 weeks out from the point where we have to be ready to switch over from using the dev_week development version of Koha to 3 which is based on dev_week, but with many differences. To get ready, I’ve had to port a number of features from dev_week to Koha 3. These include:

  • Porting my Reserves System updates from dev_week to Koha 3
  • Porting my Rotating Collections system from dev_week to Koha 3
  • Adding the ability to pay fines by an amount paid, rather than paying individual fines one at a time.
  • Porting my ‘Fines On Return’ system where actual fines are not generated until an item is checked in. I think it’s a great system and our librarians definitely prefer it to Koha’s standard fines system.
  • Porting my Clubs & Services feature from dev_week to Koha 3. This is the largest and complex addition to Koha I have made, and I’m done with the basic feature, but I haven’t sent a patch yet because I’d like to add some more bells & whisles to it first.

Hopefully I’ll have a public Git repository up soon so anyone can pull these updates from me instead of waiting for them to make it into Koha 3 proper.

In addition, I’ve set up a new website for KUDOS, the US based Koha Users & Developers Group. It’s located at